HARVESTORE® Feed Storage Structures

    HARVESTORE®  built its reputation on providing dairy farms and other livestock operations with superior feed storage structures.  For years, producers using HARVESTORE silos oxygen-limiting technology have seen the freshness of the haylage and high moisture corn coming from the unloader, the limited spoilage and dry matter loss, and the high palatability that usually results in greater efficiency.  Many farmers who own both HARVESTORE silos and bags or bunkers choose to store their best forage and feed their top producers from HARVESTORE units.  That’s because forage quality influences milk production, reproduction efficiency and profits. HARVESTORE silos have been proven to be the best storage system to preserve forage quality.

    • Minimal feed storage losses compared to other storage methods
    • High quality fermented feed all year long with bottom unloading from the HARVESTORE
    • Fast feed out delivery with XL Unloaders
    • Ability to fully automate the feeding process with Harvestore

    Breather Bags

    HARVESTORE Breather Bags are a special feature designed into a HARVESTORE system to help reduce the amount of air that can get into the structure. While all feed storage systems allow air to come into contact with feed, proper operation of a system can minimize the amount of air contacting feed during storage.  This special system helps minimize dry matter loss and contributes to the preservation of feed quality.

    NEW HARVESTORE Breather Bags are constructed from a fiber-reinforced polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for greater strength and durability. Test results show there is no loss of tensile strength after exposure to the caustic conditions inside the structure. There is no equivalent accessory capable of performing this function in a bag or bunker.

    • 3 times stronger than the competition after exposure to caustic conditions
    • Withstands 2 times greater pull force
    • Withstands 2 times greater pressure than the competition
    • 3 times stronger than the competition after exposure to caustic conditions
    • 3-year warranty – best in market standard, a unique feature in all HARVESTORE Systems

    Multi-Purpose Design

    • Forage or High Moisture Grain
    • Expandable and movable
    • Unloader flexibility
    • Available up to 106 feet high
    • New larger models available

    Push-Button Fill Doors

    • Opens and closes fill doors with the push of a button
    • Eliminates the strenuous job of climbing the structure

    Glass-Fused-to-Steel Construction

    • Molten glass fused to both sides of the steel sheets
    • Hard, durable and long lasting
    • Sheets designed to meet varying loading requirements from top to bottom
    • VITRIUM™ interior coating formulated to resist acids from fermented feeds
    • Edges thermally coated with EDGECOAT II™  – the only process in the world that provides optimum glass encapsulation on all (4) four sides of the sheet edges
    • Smooth sidewalls allow feed to slide down easily
    • Research Shows Benefits over Bags and Bunkers

      A recently completed study confirmed that haylage stored in a HARVESTORE silo experience less dry matter loss than haylage stored in bags and bunkers.


      The study also showed that cows fed haylage from a HARVESTORE system produced more Fat-Corrected Milk (FCM) than those fed from a bag or bunker.  The milk components chart shows the differences between storage options.

      Furthermore, Kansas State University reports the dramatic differences in dry matter loss between a HARVESTORE, bag or bunker.


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    BLUEPRINT parts are engineered and manufactured to strict tolerances so they perform under extreme conditions. 

    HARVESTORE System Branded Parts include:

    • Cutter and Conveyor Chains for XL 200, XL 400 and Alliance Unloaders
    • Chisel Tip hooks
    • Unloader cutter arms
    • Unloader backbones and housings
    • Gears, shafts and pinions
    • Sprockets
    • Breather bags
    • Complete unloader remanufacturing kits

    Rebuild Kits

    Each pre-owned structure erected by an authorized dealer will be constructed with rebuild kits using HARVESTORE Branded parts. The combination of genuine HARVESTORE Branded parts and authorized dealer service will ensure quality, satisfactory operation and longevity.


    Harvestore silos are ideal for the following applications:

    Medium Moisture Forage

    Successful HARVESTORE owners have cut back on harvesting losses and reduced waste at feeding time.  Only HARVESTORE haylage offers the highest feed quality and minimal dry matter losses.

    High Moisture Grain

    Flourishing livestock producers store their high moisture grains in a HARVESTORE to eliminate drying costs, reduce field and storage losses, and improve livestock feed conversion

    Need an Unloader? Farmers can unload more forage as fast or faster than they can from storage bags or concrete bunkers with a HARVESTORE XL Unloader.

    The XL 200 and 400 Unloaders are more powerful, faster and more efficient than the competition.  XL Unloaders now feature improved chains and cutter sequencing.   Learn more about XL Unloaders here.



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