CST is the largest provider of frac sand silos.

    Frac Sand Silo Storage

    CST, formerly Columbian Steel Tank Company™, Peabody TecTank and Columbian TecTank®, offers experienced, fast and economical construction with a proven track record of providing premium frac sand silos. With over 250,000 epoxy coated tanks in 125 countries performing in thousands of applications, no other company can match CST’s bulk tank design, manufacturing and construction experience.  

    • World-class Trico Bond coatings with OptiBond™ coating process
    • 130 years of manufacturing and tank building experience 
    • EMR rate is well below industry average
    • Over 250,000 epoxy coated tanks installed in over 125 countries

    CST’s frac sand storage silos can be built up to three times faster, saving the end-user in construction and life cycle costs. All tank panels are fabricated and coated in the factory and shipped complete to the building site in a timely manner.  Experience, professionalism, and efficiency make CST the best option when purchasing frac sand silos.

    • Fast construction with the least environmental footprint
    • Flexible designs with  options through dedicated, in-house engineering staff
    • Truck-through and train-through silos make logistics easy
    • Bolted panels and welded tanks manufactured out of carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum

    CST’s frac sand storage silos are engineered to withstand abrasive materials and provide the longest service of any tank. With decades of field-tested applications, CST’s frac sand storage silos are built under the highest process control of any dry bulk storage tank on the market.

    Frac Sand Sizes

    CST offers pre-configured models offering 50{820ef4875e460dfdd8c51af0e5818eb00e23a76a90c74beb19f3ab10e18228f4} lead time improvement vs. non-preconfigured chime models.  Models are available in (4) standard sizes:

    • 600T – Working Capacity: 9,858 cu ft.
    • 2000T – Working Capacity: 40,489 cu ft.
    • 3000T – Working Capacity: 62,591 cu ft.
    • 5000T – Working Capacity: 103,468 cu ft.
    • Lead time within 10 weeks of order

    Frac Sand Coating

    Each CST application is cured with CST’s premium Trico Bond EP® or Trico Bond SD™ epoxy formulation.

    • Each tank is designed for material flow efficiency and reliability
    • Mass flow designs
    • Funnel flow designs
    • Expanded and fluidized flow designs
    • Flow analysis available to improve reliability and productivity

    Featured Projects

    • Dry Bulk & Liquid Storage Tanks

    • Architectural Covers

    • Aluminum Domes, Reservoir & Flat Covers