CST Fly Ash Storage Solutions

    As land and water have become less plentiful and environmental regulations have become more stringent, sluicing it into closely regulated disposal ponds has become less practical.  Trucking the ash to landfills or selling it as a supplemental ingredient for concrete are the two major alternatives.

    Whether your operation requires the storage of typical fly ash on-site before it is trucked away or your operation uses a form of compaction before it is hauled, CST can safely and economically meet your fly ash storage requirements.

    With train through and truck through standard silos and extensive flow calculating methods, storing and transferring fly ash are made simple.

    Not all fly ash is the same, and not all fly ash flows the same.  So whether the ash is high sulfur, high calcium or contains other elements, being sure the tank coating used is correct is paramount in ensuring the longest lasting tank possible.

    You can rely on CST’s vast fly ash storage experience and our extensive portfolio of factory coated storage solutions to guide you to the right silo for the right material storage and transfer needs.

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