Fire Protection Storage Tanks for Commercial, Industrial and Municipal Applications

    CST is the established leader in bolted and factory-welded steel tanks.  With over 40,000 fire protection water storage tanks supplied for commercial, industrial and municipal customers, CST has field proven experience in designing solutions to meet your requirements.

    • World Class Coatings with OptiBond™ and Vitrium® Coating Processes
    • 130 Years of Experience
    • EMR Rate well below industry average
    • More than 375,000 Installations in Over 125 Countries

    Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility, CST fire protection water storage tanks meet or exceed NFPA-22, FM, LPS, AWWA and other internationally recognized standards.  Our factory-applied proprietary coating technologies are the best in the business and have been field proven for more than 50 years.  CST offers more FM pre-approved models than any other storage provider.

    Highest Quality for your Fire Water Storage Tanks

    • Fire Protection Water Storage Tanks Meet or exceed NFPA 22, FM, USACOE and other industry standards
    • All CST fire water storage tanks are factory coated in environmentally controlled conditions at ISO 9001:2015 Certified facilities
    • TecTank™ tanks are factory coated with electrostatically applied proprietary epoxy coating using CST’s OptiBond™ Coating Process
    • AQUASTORE® tanks with Vitrium™ glass-fused-to-steel coatings are fused to the base metal at 1,500°F in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility

    Best Value for your Fire Sprinkler Tanks

    • TecTank epoxy tanks offer the lowest initial costs without sacrificing coating quality and durability
    • AQUASTORE glass-fused-to-steel tanks offer the lowest total life cycle costs in the industry
    • Reduced potential delays – CST’s factory coated fire sprinkler tanks can be constructed in 1/3 the time of field welded tanks
    • Factory-applied coatings extend tank life and reduce overall maintenance costs
    • Bolted tank designs make them easy to expand and relocate
    • CST’s fire sprinkler tanks come in extensive color choices

    Featured Projects

    • Dry Bulk & Liquid Storage Tanks

    • Architectural Covers

    • Aluminum Domes, Reservoir & Flat Covers