127+ Years of Dry Bulk and Liquid Storage Solutions

    CST’s bolted silo manufacturing dates back to its roots as Columbian Steel Tank Company™, Peabody TecTank and Columbian TecTank®.  CST’s TecTank™ systems are the comprehensive storage solution for any material and are recognized as the industry standard for epoxy coated bolted and factory welded storage solutions.  TecTank storage systems can be manufactured, erected and in operation up to three times faster than field welded or concrete applications.  Every tank is manufactured in a factory-controlled environment.  The result is a precise steel panel production teamed with an optimized coating process.

    TecTank systems offer experienced, fast and economical construction with a proven track record of storage success.  With over 250,000 epoxy coated tanks in 125 countries performing in thousands of applications, no other company can match CST’s design, manufacturing and construction experience.

    TecTank systems are custom engineered to our customer’s exact specifications, designed using state-of-the-art CAD and stress modeling tools, and then manufactured in one of our five ISO 9001:2015 Certified manufacturing facilities located in the US and Europe.  Our dedicated project management teams ensure a smooth purchasing, manufacturing and delivery process while providing a single point of contact throughout the engineering, fabrication and construction processes.  When customers get a TecTank flat panel or chime tank, they get the best epoxy coated bolted storage tank in the industry.

    TecTank FP – Dry Bulk Storage Tank System

    CST’s TecTank FP® design includes an optimized bolt pattern, increased steel thickness, reduced hardware and fewer penetration points.  The jackable flat panel bolted design of TecTank FP is superior to competitive designs in the dry bulk industry and is available in short lead time pre-configured models and fully customizable designs.  Pre-configured models are available in (4) standard sizes and with 50{820ef4875e460dfdd8c51af0e5818eb00e23a76a90c74beb19f3ab10e18228f4} lead time improvement vs non-pre-configured chime models.

    Standard Pre-configured Sizes:

      • 600T – Working Capacity: 9,858 cu ft.
      • 2000T – Working Capacity: 40,489 cu ft.
      • 3000T – Working Capacity: 62,591 cu ft.
      • 5000T – Working Capacity: 103,468 cu ft.

    Lead time is within 10 weeks of order.  TecTank FP has the industry leading leak-free gasket available in EPDM or Viton (temps to 450°F).

    With the addition of TecTank FP, CST is the only tank supplier in the world that provides both a flat panel, jack-built tank and chime panel (CP) scaffold built, capable of safely and economically being installed on every diverse site condition imaginable.

    TecTank Liquid Storage Systems offer High Quality at the Lowest Cost Per Gallon

      • Low installed up-front costs
      • Longer tank life = lower life cycle costs = quicker ROI
      • Fast tank construction saves you time and money
      • TecTank tank systems are the “Green” choice in liquid storage


    The performance and quality of CST’s TecTank storage tanks are available in three primary designs. All are manufactured under the strictest of quality process controls in ISO 9001:2015 Certified facilities, designed using the latest engineering tools and all are supported by CST’s seasoned project management teams.  CST maintains its own professional engineers and designers in-house who have designed tanks for a wide range of industry specific standards and applications.  They are committed to recommending the right storage tank solution for your application.

    Flat Panel

    CST’s TecTank flat panel design incorporates horizontally-oriented panels, mastic sealer and 4-corner joint designs.  The tanks are built top down using construction process using jacks so that construction does not require high scaffolding and the tanks are easily expandable.

    Chime Panel

    The chime panel design is constructed with vertical panels and use gaskets.  The tanks are generally scaffold-built so they do not require any special jacks to construct. The chime joints add additional stiffness to the tank’s structure.

    Factory Welded

    CST’s factory welded storage tanks are generally one-piece welded construction from 6 ft. (2 m) to 15 ft. (5 m) in diameter and 85 ft. (26 m) in a single piece. Larger heights are available with splice.  These ready-built tanks minimize costly on-site construction time and can be pre-fitted with customer supplied equipment.



    TecTank storage tanks are ideal for the following applications:

    Dry Bulk Applications Liquid Applications
    Frac Sand Potable Water Storage
    Food and Grain Products Wastewater Storage
    Minerals and Aggregates Industrial Liquids
    Plastics and Petrochemicals Fire Protection
    Coal Oil & Gas
    Fly Ash  



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