CST’s Elevated Water Storage Tanks 

    CST has been designing and manufacturing composite elevated tanks (CET) with AQUASTORE® glass-fused-to-steel (enamel) tanks and concrete pedestals for over three decades to the satisfaction of many customers. AQUASTORE and TecTank™ tanks have also been mounted on new and existing legged structures. CST’s composite elevated tank (CET) offerings were spurred on by the popularity of our ground storage tank’s reputation for quality, durability, and customer support, and our customer’s desire to extend these attributes toward solving traditional elevated tank challenges.

    CST knows how and when to use what materials to maximize overall storage tank performance. CST uses concrete where it performs best – As a structural member for foundations and pedestals and not as a storage tank where concrete has a long history of cracking and leaking. Most of our customers also chose AQUASTORE tanks over field welded solutions because they wanted to save repainting costs and they didn’t want to see an inevitable rusty tank high up in the air where it might reflect on the town’s image.

    With over 80 AQUASTORE CET’s in service around the country CST is saving its customers approximately $16,000,000 every 8-12 years because they did not purchase an epoxy coated field-welded tank that would have to be repainted. That’s because AQUASTORE tanks are coated with glass-fused-to-steel enamel. AQUASTORE tanks are not painted so they never have to be repainted – Ever! But don’t take our word for it. Our customers are so satisfied with the quality of the tank and have verified the cost savings that they keep ordering more CET storage solutions from CST.

    Proven Designs by the Worlds Leading Elevated Water Storage Tank Manufacturer

    CST has been professionally and safely designing and manufacturing CETs using a combination of long-recognized and widely accepted industry standards and guidelines such as AWWA D103, ACI 371R, ACI 318, ASCE-7, AISC 360, and IBC, as well as state building codes generally based on IBC 2003 through 2009.  These designs are also PE stamped to ensure quality and safety.

    Design standards are important but should be put into perspective as they relate to good, overall design practices. It is sound, experienced engineering judgment in conjunction with standards, experience, R&D, testing, and/or empirical results that make up the good design of any engineered product, including water storage tanks. After all, when standards are first developed they use existing, proven practices as a basis for their development and often duplicate current practices by professional companies in the business.

    The use of standards alone should not be a substitute for sound engineering practices. We at CST use the experience we have gained since 1893 from manufacturing over 375,000 tanks in over 125 countries along with the application of new tools such as solid modeling, finite element analysis, and proprietary design programs to optimize our tank and pedestal designs. Rely on Proven designs by a proven engineering and manufacturing company – CST.

    Fast Construction in Composite Elevated Tanks

    Since all of our CETs are manufactured using factory-coated tanks, construction is faster. While field welded tanks have to wait for the weather to be within certain restrictions to paint, our tank construction schedule is rarely delayed by weather. As a result, our CETs can usually be constructed in 2/3 the time of a conventional field welded CET. This quick erection time and avoidance of most weather-related delays mean our projects finish on-time more often and our customer ROI begins sooner.

    Low Maintenance in Elevated Tanks

    When your CET is built with an AQUASTORE glass-fused-to-steel tank and a concrete pedestal you are getting an elevated tank solution that is constructed from some of the most durable tank and structural products in the market. Maintenance periods for glass-fused-to-steel tanks are typically 15 to 20 years and require minimal work compared to repeatedly painting a field welded tank. This saves hundreds of thousands of dollars over the service life of the product.

    The Ability to Expand CST’s Elevated Water Storage

    Why pay for the cost and time of building a new tank as your water needs to expand. AQUASTORE’S jack-built, top-down construction method makes it easy to expand your existing tank when the foundation and pedestal are designed upfront with expansion planned for the future. Because the lower rings of the tank are constructed last, the addition of future heavy rings at the bottom of the tank to accommodate expansion is easy and quick.

    Logos and Decorations on Composite Elevated Tanks

    • Aesthetics are important and having a built-in billboard is a good thing to leverage. Whether displaying the proud heritage of a town’s logo or using the space for commercial advertising, simple and intricate logos can be included with your tank order. For long-term durability, many logos can be glassed into the tank so they can be proudly displayed for the entire life of the tank and will look as if they were almost newly applied for the life of the glass coating.
    • aquastore-cet-storage-tank-1


    • AQUASTORE tanks- AQUASTORE glass-fused-to-steel tanks are the most recommended water tank in rural water districts where overall cost, dependability, and water quality are important attributes of water storage tanks.  Larger tanks for urban use are also popular.
    • Aluminum Domes- CST Cover’s formerly Temcor and Conservatek aluminum geodesic domes are the world’s leading domes for potable water storage tanks of all types. They are precision manufactured, easily assembled, and relatively maintenance-free.
    • Steel Covers and Roofs- CST’s coated steel and glass-fused-to-steel tank covers offer alternatives to aluminum domes for smaller diameter tanks.



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